How to Revive Gel Based Products

Gel-based products are a staple here at Slayfire, but what happens when they start to dry out or lose their luster? Fear not! Our Mixing Potion is here to save the day. Whether you're looking to revive dried-out glitter gels or simply want to customize the consistency, our Mixing Potion is the answer. In this guide, we'll walk you through the simple steps to bring your gel-based products back to life.

Using the Mixing Potion for Glitter Gels:

Our Mixing Potion isn't just any ordinary product – it's a multi-purpose wonder! Here's how you can revive your glitter gels with ease:

  1. Shake Well: Before you begin, make sure to give the Mixing Potion a good shake to ensure all the magic is properly mixed.

  2. Assess the Situation: Take a look at your glitter gel to assess the dryness. Is it completely dried out, or does it just need a little pick-me-up? This will help you determine how much Mixing Potion you'll need to use.

  3. Apply a Small Amount: Squeeze a very small amount of the Mixing Potion onto the dried-out gel. You can always add more if needed, but it's best to start with a tiny amount to avoid over-saturating the product. If you're trying to hydrate a whole jar, you'll probably need more than a few drops. 

  4. Work in Small Increments: Be cautious not to add too much potion at once, as this can turn your gel into a goopy mess. However, oversaturating the glitter gel is recommended for a consistency that could be easily applied over hair. Work in tiny amounts, mixing thoroughly until you achieve the desired consistency.

  5. Alternative Mixing Methods: If there's no room for mixing in your jar, fear not! Simply scoop a small amount of the gel onto the back of your hand or a mixing palette and follow the same steps. 

With these simple steps, your glitter gels will be back to their dazzling best in no time! Be sure to test out the mixture by applying a small amount to your skin to see how it performs. If you're still not satisfied with the consistency, you can always add more of our potion and continue mixing until the you achieve the perfect texture. With our Mixing Potion by your side, you can say goodbye to wasted products and hello to a fresh, hydrated makeup collection! Revive, refresh, and reignite your glitter gel products with ease! 

Reviving Eyeshadow Gels:

Reviving eyeshadow gels is even simpler – all you need is a couple of drops of water!

  1. Assess the Dryness: If your eyeshadow gel has dried out, it's time for a hydration boost.

  2. Add Water: Using a clean dropper or a small spoon, add a couple of drops of water directly into the pot of eyeshadow gel.

  3. Mix Well: Using a clean brush or a spatula, mix the water into the gel until it reaches a smooth, creamy consistency.

  4. Test and Adjust: Test the consistency of the gel on your skin. If it's still too dry, add another drop or two of water and mix again until you achieve the desired texture.

And there you have it – your eyeshadow gel is revived and ready to create stunning eye looks once again!


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